SAPGUI for Windows and Java (MacOS X, Linux)

The SAPGUI is available to you on the Software-drive at the computer center. On the CIP-Pool Computer you can find it here:

F:\S\SAP\SAPGUI\SAPGUI 7.40 Compilation 3\


\\\storage\software\Pool\S\SAP\SAPGUI\SAPGUI 7.40 Compilation 3

To download it outside of the university network, and to connect to SAP from outside, you need a VPN-Connection.

The instruction to establish a VPN-Connection can be found at the Support-Wiki of the computer center. The instruction to connect to "drives" can be found at the Support-Wiki again. Also see "External Access to the SAP-System".

SAPGUI is only available to employees and students from the OTH Regensburg for research and teaching. Any other or commercial usage is prohibited. You accept this condition by downloading the installation files from Software-drive.
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