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   * [[en:​public:​netz:​kabel|connect notebooks via network cable (library)]]   * [[en:​public:​netz:​kabel|connect notebooks via network cable (library)]]
   * [[en:​public:​netz:​auth|authentification with LDAP or Kerberos]]   * [[en:​public:​netz:​auth|authentification with LDAP or Kerberos]]
-===== internet access at the residential home ===== 
-the administration stands by the university, not the OTH. To solve technical errors primarily the university datacenter is responsible,​ not the OTH. 
-Also OTH students have to request a university external account. 
-  * To log in at your dormitory you have to use a university-account! [[https://​www-app.uni-regensburg.de/​RZ/​Dienste/​Antrag/​neu/​Antrag.phtml?​domain=oth-regensburg.de&​type=extopt|Request]] 
-  * [[https://​www-app.uni-regensburg.de/​RZ/​Dienste/​Antrag/​neu/​prolong.phtml|Extend your external ID of the university Regensburg]] ({{public:​Verlaengerung-zzz-Kennung.pdf|Tutorial[German]}}) 
-  * [[https://​papercutsso.uni-regensburg.de/​|book Creditcoupons (Uni-Account)]] 
-  * [[http://​www-wohnheim.uni-regensburg.de/​|Informations for the usage of internet at the dormitory]] 
-  * Here you will find a Step-by-Step Tutorial: {{:​public:​netz:​info_wohnheime.pdf|Tutorial[German]}} 
-Support & Help: 
-  * [[http://​www.uni-regensburg.de/​rechenzentrum/​support/​infostand/​index.html|Infopoint of the university]].