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directly you can use “WLAN Eduroam” as worker or students, the access from “ will be triggerd in long range.
Attention iPhone 8 User:
At the moment it could be trouble with the new iphone 8. If you can´t conect with eduroam wlan, delete every eduroam wlan profile and download the configuration tool from this site:


With eduroam is it possible to connect on many universities or research facilities with wlan without any registration. On this site you will find a map with every eduroam wlan network.


Is qualified for:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Vista
  • Apple IOS Devices Mountain Lion, Lion
  • Linux Major Distributions
  1. please connect with
  2. click on “eduroam Benutzer Laden Sie ihr Eduroam Installationsprogramm hier runter”
  3. search for: “Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg”.
  4. select your operation system for automated configuration.
Your user name is rz-account with –>

Old instructions: There are 3 radius server, complement your submission with the third one.

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