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 +====== Linux ======
 +The available drives can be found 
 +[[en:​public:​lwdoc:​netzlaufwerke_cifs#​enter_network_drive_path|here]] \\
 +**Instead of "​\"​ you need to enter "/"​.**\\
 +<​code>​Instead \\fs-software.hs-regensburg.de\soft1
 +===== Filemanager and Samba =====
 +Installed Samba is required for this.
 +Open Nautilus.
 +In the Menu click Go and Enter Location or Ctrl+L.
 +Now you need to enter your useraccount,​ domain and password.
 +In the menu in bookmarks or with Crtl+d a bookmark for this folder will be added.
 +===== Mount Command and CIFS =====
 +To mount the network shares under a Linux distribution the CIFS-part of the Samba project need to be installed.
 +Usually the package is named ''​cifs-utils'',​ which should be available via your systems packagemanager.
 +<​code>#​ mount -t cifs //​fs-<​name>​.hs-regensburg.de/<​name>​ /​mnt/<​name>​ -o domain=hs-regensburg.de,​user=abc12345</​code>​