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IMAP with Android

If you are using IMAP then E-Mails will not be deleted by the server so they can still be seen on other devices.

Setup IMAP account

  1. Open email application (e.g. GMail)

  2. Go to settings

  3. Select “Add account”

  4. Choose IMAP

  5. Enter your email adress (e.g. or
    And continue with “Manuell Einrichten”

  6. Select IMAP as account type

  7. Enter password

  8. Incoming mail server:
    For username enter your RZ-ID (e.g. abc12345),
    Enter at Server “”
    choose “STARTTLS” or “TLS” under security type,
    Enter port 143

  9. Outgoing mail server
    Enter at SMTP-Server “”
    Enter Port 587,
    choose “STARTTLS” or “TLS” under security type,
    For username enter your RZ-ID (e.g. abc12345)

  10. Customize your account options

  11. Name your account and enter your sender name

  12. Finished
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