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Thunderbird Benutzeranleitungen

This tutorials are unofficial. They are not supportet by the Computercenter, you use it by your own risk.


If you wanna use the Exchange contacts in Thunderbird you will need an extra programm: Davmail
It is also available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Common review:
Davmail takes the Exchange Server and give you individuell functions like Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
Calendar is hosted by CalDav, Contacts via LDAP.

1. Download and install Davmail

2. You need to activat LDAP to add your Conatcts. (You also can activate CalDAV)
All the others settings are default

3. Add address book at Thunderbird:
a) Add an LDAP-directory at address book

b) Settings
- Name
- Bind-DN: @hs-regensburg verry important!
- RZ-Account (abc1234)
- no encoding!

4. Test:
- Download: Yes
- Password: You can save it at the password manager

You can use your adress book with all contacts.

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