Welcome to the Faculty General Science and Microsystems Engineering

The General Science and Microsystems Faculty consists of three major parts: The General Science part with the International Relations and Management Course, the Services part and the technical part with the Bachelor-Course Microsystems Engineering, Sensors Technology and Analytics and the Master-Course Master of Electrical and Microsystems Engineering. These courses are unique in Bavaria. With the General Science Part, the faculty offers a broad and distinctive program of electives for the OTH Regensburg.

The Service part of the faculty offers assistance for courses in Physics, Chemistry and foreign languages. Students are offered an excellent environment for future-oriented and successful studies with newly built laboratories located on the campus of both the Technical University of Applied Science and the University. The courses distinguish themselves by their practice-oriented approach.

Bachelor & Master

Degree programmesBachelorMaster
Electrical and Microsystems Engineering»
International Relations and Management»
Microsystems Technology»
Sensor Technology and Analytics»

General Sciences – Courses and additional trainings

In the General Science part the General Science and Microsystems Engineering Faculty offers General Science Courses [only available in German].